Tetrix® Prime

TETRIX® PRIME R/C Robotics Set

This starter set includes what you need for students to get to building robots, including any of the three hero models with step-by-step instructions in the builder’s guide:

TETRIX® PRIME Programmable Robotics Set

This set includes what you need for students to start building programmable robots with the TETRIX® PULSE™ Robotics Controller.

TETRIX® PRIME Dual-Control Robotics Set

This set includes everything you need for students to start building remote-controlled and autonomous-controlled robots with the TETRIX® PRIME system.

TETRIX® PRIME Expansion Set

Expand the horizons of your TETRIX® PRIME R/C Starter Set. Engineer bigger, more advanced robots, increase the robustness of builds, and combine all the TETRIX PRIME components using the additional parts and pieces included in the TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set.


The TETRIX® PRIME Class Pack serves 12 teams of two students, offering each pair of students their own TETRIX PRIME R/C Starter Set to work with. Using the sets and the instructions from the included builder’s guide, students work collaboratively to engineer fully functioning, remote-controlled robots.

TETRIX® PRIME Robotics: Remote Control STEM Unit

The principles of building a remote-controlled robot and using this robot to complete various engaging challenges are the focus of this STEM Unit. The TETRIX® PRIME R/C Starter Set is used for the basic building parts for students to construct various robots and complete challenges while addressing science, technology, engineering, math, and language arts standards. The PRIME building system enables students to quickly prototype a variety of robots, test them, and engineer them for improved performance.

TETRIX® PRIME Getting Started Package

The TETRIX® PRIME Getting Started Package offers the ultimate robotics experience. Teams of two work to design fully functioning, remote-controlled robots, with each student pair having access to both a TETRIX PRIME R/C Starter Set and a TETRIX PRIME Expansion Set. The included Instructional Build DVD for TETRIX PRIME Robotics and Engineering Design Loop Poster Set provide an added bonus to the builder’s guides.

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